The 21st Century - Noufou Ouedraogo - Gece Kitaplığı

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The twenty-first century is undoubtedly the century of interests. Everyone goes on his own way for self-interests. Most of people do not care about others, provided that the goal they have set is reached. In any way whatsoever! And unfortunately in this frantic rush towards the material good, postmodern people consider their neighbours as objects, like a simple commodity. The two previous centuries were characterized by the damages caused by the great wars and the slave trade (namely World Wars, waves of colonization and others). This scenario closed, the current century is not without reproach. We, the postmodernists’ grandsons, hide ourselves behind the veil of an unqualifiable cold war; putting a spoke in other people’s wheels, thwarting the plans of those considered as potential competitors, timorous opponents or irrepressible challengers. The latter are always targeted and their plans must, at all costs, fall apart. In a word, they are prevented from going forwards. The 21st century is illustrated by its high proportion of egocentrism, paroxysm of perfidy, hypocrisy at the highest level and its frantic rush to profits. The main purpose is to reach one’s goal regardless of the manners. As if to paraphrase the anecdote attributed to Nicolas Machiavel since the sixteenth century, ‘the ends justify the means!’ Far from worrying about the fate of his fellow creatures, post-postmodernist people (the people of the twenty-first century) constitute rather, very often, a barrier to their fellows’ self-development.

Gece Kitaplığı
Noufou Ouedraogo
92 Sayfa
2. Hamur Kağıt
13.50x21.00 cm
Basım Yılı:
Ekim 2020