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Bad memories are engraved in the mind and the good ones in the heart…

Nancy had a blissful life with Aidan, completely unaware of what fate had in store for her.

Nancy started a new life with her son Felix after the unexpected turn of events and that is when she met Daniel: a completely new source of happiness and her greatest mistake…

Nancy was in love with the earth, nature, animals and plants. She was an honest person who always saw the best in people, and she was not going to consider having a relationship unless she met someone she completely fell in love with.

When she saw Daniel in that parking lot, she had no idea how deep in love she was going to fall and how Daniel was going to make her feel the things she never felt before. There was only one thing she knew, her heart took hold of her every time her eyes landed on him.

Every love writes its own story and determines its own time. Sometimes love is a blessing, sometimes a curse. But the heart of the lover consents to both the pain and the peace that love o?ers.

What is the proper way of falling in love? Does one regret the feelings triggered by the pure chemistry of love, even when the other person is not worthy? Nancy gives the readers a new perspective in life and makes them take a second look at their own humanity. This book will invite you to sit with yourself and question your own conscience.

Arzu Şen
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