Lives Of Some Notable Philosophers Vol. 2 - Diogenes Laertius - Gece Kitaplığı

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“...You are more prudent than we, in that you have migrated from Samos to Crotona, and live there in peace. For the descendants of Æacus commit unheard-of crimes, and tyrants never cease to oppress the Milesians. The king of the Medes too is formidable to us: unless, indeed, we choose to become tributary to him. But the Ionians are on the point of engaging in war with the Medes in the cause of universal freedom. For if we re-main quiet there is no longer any hope of safety for us. How then can Anaximenes apply his mind to the con-templation of the skies, while he is in perpetual fear of death or slavery? But you are beloved by the people of Crotona, and by all the rest of the Italians; and pupils flock to you, even from Sicily...”

Gece Kitaplığı
Diogenes Laertius
75 Sayfa
2. Hamur Kağıt
12.70x20.30 cm
Basım Yılı:
Kasım 2020