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Cost Accounting And Management Accounting Ürün Açıklaması

Manufacturing companies require cost-related information for their product cost calculations and decision-making processes. They identify their costing procedures and use the data accumulated regarding these procedures. These procedures are important because any cost information can be properly determined and analysed by understanding them well. Managers use this information for correct product costing and decision-making processes. For this reason, cost accounting is an important tool for company management. Moreover, management accounting uses all the data produced by cost accounting for many processes. On the one hand, cost accounting determines all cost-related data and uses it for correct product cost calculation; on the other, management accounting employs this for managerial purposes, such as planning, controlling, and various aspects of decision-making processes. Among them, the following aspects exist: pricing products, outsourcing, scarce resource utilisation, analysing employee performances, product line and customer profitability analysis, and so on. Therefore, we consider cost and management accounting to be very important for any type of manufacturing or service company. Without the correct application of cost and management accounting subjects, companies cannot survive in a wild production and marketing environment. We, the authors, are ready to accept any constructive criticism from the readers of this book. We expect to enrich and expand the content of this book in the coming years. However, we need the constructive support and encouragement of readers since, without them, we hardly make any progress regarding the content of this book.

Karahan Kitabevi
Veyis Naci Tanış
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Eylül 2023

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