Researches In Landscape and Ornamental Plants - Murat Zencirkıran - Gece Akademi

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In recent years, landscape and ornamental plants trade and their used reached great economic value and started to be named as a sector. In parallel with the increase in the acceleration of this sector, scientific researches, congresses and dissemination tools have been developed in the same direction. In our country, a large number of studies are carried out and finalized in the fields of landscape and ornamental plants, especially universities and research institutes. It is of utmost importance that the studies carried out and the projects finalized are shared internationally and communicated to those concerned. In this context, in order to enable the sharing of the results obtained from the studies, an international book study named “RESEARCHES IN LANDSCAPE AND ORNAMENTAL PLANTS“ was put forward and a platform was created where all researchers could come together. This book series, which is thought to be published once a year, has a total of 11 chapters in which researchers from different countries are present as authors.

I wish the work will be useful to all stakeholders.

Gece Akademi
Murat Zencirkıran
208 Sayfa
2. Hamur Kağıt
16.00x24.00 cm
Basım Yılı:
Aralık 2019